Elimination diet

What is an Elimination diet?

An elimination diet is removing certain foods from your diet that cause food sensitivities. No, this is not about fat loss, it’s about getting rid of the foods that your body doesn’t appreciate much for a certain period.

Think of it as an experiment which will be very benefitial especially if you have gut complains.

Which foods are these? And how long should I stay without them?

There are many allergy-causing foods eliminated. The common ones include: eggs, dairy & dairy products, wheat, butter, mayo, and nuts. The average period of elimination being between 2-3 weeks.

What exactly shall I be looking out for?

I`m glad you asked.

Most gut problems have similar symptoms. Like bloating, excessive flatulence, indigestion, runny stomach, skin breakouts and sluggishneay attention to energy levels, mood, sleep, and bowel movement.

Does this mean I can’t eat these foods again?

Well, it depends. You may experience such positive results form the elimination diet that you decide it is a worthwhile sacrifice to avoid the foods. Alternatively, you can slowly introduce them back to your normal diet while monitoring your body’s reaction.

After doing the elimination diet myself, I was surprised to find out that I have a high sensitivity to milk and noticed that I get bloated almost immediately after consuming wheat.

I`m sure you probably have an idea of food sensitivities you might have. Let me know what you think they are below. Subscribe to receive a comprehensive list of food sensitivities to look out for.

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