What is Clean Eating?

You might have heard this term thrown around when people talk about living a healthy lifestyle.

Clean eating is simply eating whole foods. It is consuming healthier, nutrient dense foods from their natural sources and eliminating or significantly reducing packaged or processed foods. This includes no alcohol.


So what exactly is processed foods?

It includes additions put into food. This can be preservatives, sugar, salt, vitamins, food colors etc. It can also mean changing food from its natural form. E.g. White bread is made by removing the bran and germ in wheat which contains most of its fiber making white bread a processed food.


What foods fall under clean/ whole foods?

These are some of the foods that fall under this category:

-Fresh fruits and vegetables

-Carbs: Sweet potatoes, Arrow roots, Brown rice, Whole wheat bread, Whole wheat pasta, Oatmeal, and quinoa.

-Protein: Lean beef, chicken, fish, eggs, lentils, whey protein, turkey and lean pork.

-Fats: Coconut oil, avocado, nuts, and olive oil.


How can I start incorporating all these into my diet?

It can be overwhelming changing your whole diet at once. Almost impossible I might add. I suggest that you start by replacing a meal at a time. E.g. If you take bread for breakfast, swap it with sweet potatoes. For lunch, you can replace white rice with brown rice.

I know some of these food choices might cost a little more than what you are used to, but in the long run, your health shall be at risk if you don’t. Prevention is better than cure.

Remember to take lots of water too!

Does this sound like something you could start implementing now? What are some of the challenges that you can foresee?