7 easy healthy eating hacks

With such easy access to cheap and convenient fast foods, healthy eating can be super difficult if measures aren`t in place to support your goals. Here are 7 hacks you can use to make your health journey much more successful.

1. Get rid of all the unhealthy food in your house.

This is really the first thing you should do. Get rid of all the biscuits, crisps, chocolate, Nutella, sugary cereal and anything else that you regularly have at home. In fact, I haven’t bought sugar in my house for two years now and that enabled me to stay sugar-free and lose significant fat from sugar elimination.

2. Meal prep

One of my fitness icons, Hannah Eden, loves saying; You can plan ahead and have quality food ready to rock at all times or wait for hunger to make decisions for you.  Need I say more? Check out how to meal prep.

3. Substitute foods

Replacing all processed foods with whole foods will allow your body to perform and feel better plus less insulin spike resulting in less body fat storage. e,g. White rice vs brown rice, white bread vs whole wheat bread, sugary cereal vs Sweet potatoes/ Oatmeal. etc.

4. Take more water.

You’ve probably heard this too many times and I promise you, it’s not in vain. Let me educate you. The body can`t differenciate between hunger and thirst. I gives the same signals to the brain thus the need to take in water whenever you feel hungry 1st cz it might just be hungry for water!

5. Get creative in the kitchen

One of the main reasons people don`t stick to a healthy diet is because the food simply doesnt taste as good! I, however, have this rule. As long as the food groups makes sense, it makes sense and I dont care if the food combination looks weird. If I like the taste, brings variety to my plate and helps me stick with healthy foods, I am down for it. You should adopt that mentality too.

And if you stick to the same old foods that bore you to death, thats your fault. We got youtube!

6. Have a cheat meal for sanity

Reward yourself with your favourite treat once you`ve eaten healthy for a period. It takes away from the guilt you`d feel if it wasnt planned for. Plus its tastes so much better as a reward.

7. Use a smaller plate

Filling a small plate with healthy food will help in portion control and it will trick your mind into getting full faster.


What other hacks do you use to help you stick to a healthy eating? Let me know in the comment section below.

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