New year, new gym, new fitness plan, new goals.

There are many goals I have set for this year.

Top on the list, getting ripped. The previous gym I was at was super affordable but very inconvenient since the opening and closing hours didn’t work with the work hours I had and the equipment were very limited and kept breaking down. I set out to find a gym that’s affordable, convenient and one that has sufficient and diverse equipment.

New gym

I found it! I just enrolled in one of the Smart gyms in Nairobi, which checked all the boxes. A bonus, I loved that they have an app in which you can view group workout schedules and book! This would be ideal for a beginner who is trying to figure out where to start and what to do. They have plenty of workouts to get your cardio on and do some resistance training.

My first day shall be on Friday, which I have to admit, is quite scary and exciting at the same. To start out, I shall go for a morning group class to acquaint me with the gym so I feel comfortable enough to start beasting out on Monday. LOL. I am also quite rusty since its been 5 weeks since I went to the gym. Oh, and don’t forget all the fat gained thanks to Drinkcember and overeating in shags. But its all good. I’ll get in the work!

Workout plan.

Speaking of beasting out, I’ll be starting a 12-week transformation program on Monday that I am so psyched about! It is one among plenty of workout programs by elite trainers that provides. It is, however, a paid subscription that I definitely feel is worthwhile. I had done the live fit program by Jamie Eason that I absolutely loved. This time around, I shall be doing Jim Stoppanis Shortcut to size. At the end of the program, I wish to have significant muscle gain and tone and major fat loss.

I’ll start documenting the journey and sharing my progress with you. It is super nerve racking since I am naturally not comfortable on camera, especially if I am the one who shall be the one walking around with a tripod trying to record my workouts. But I gotta do it so I hope you get to benefit from it.

Do you have a fitness plan you shall be following? Share it below! You just might find yourself a new workout buddy and a great support system.

Stay tuned, I shall soon write an in-depth post on why I love bodybuilding all access programs so much. Remember to subscribe to get notified once a post is up.