Getting back the gains..and gaining more! - Muscle memory

Well, I just got back to the gym after two months of inactivity and bad eating. It feels great! I am happy to feel the sore muscles, get some benches sweaty and share overcrowded locker rooms. Yap, all that good stuff! I actually saw some defined bicep muscles while doing the overhead cable curl. Boy that made me happy.

Remember the workout program I mentioned I shall be doing? I am loving it so far. Although I didn’t really enjoy starting out the program with my least favorite workout (Chest ). I anticipated soreness cause that’s what happens after a period of inactivity, but the soreness is much less than I expected.

Then I remembered this beautiful thing called muscle memory.

Muscle memory

Muscle memory used to describe how a once-difficult skill becomes second nature, physical repetition being key and it applies to any skill, not just lifting. I would equate it to how habits are formed: habits are things repetitively done and perfected until it becomes automated.

In this sense, muscle memory means that getting to see my gains back shall be much faster than the time I used to build them. Muscle fibers have myonuclei which allow the cells to become larger and they are caused by physical stress. eg. lifting, riding a bike, swimming etc.

When inactive, muscle fibers get smaller because metabolically, its a waste to have big muscles if you are not using them. However, you do not lose the myonuclei that were in the cells. That’s what enables the muscle to bounce back quicker. That’s probably the reason why I am not as sore as I thought I would be.

So I am excited to see the changes that are going to happen over the next 3 weeks. I’ll be sure to update you on my Instagram.