This is why I love

I came to know of in 2016/17 when I got interested in weight lifting. I was busy doing some research on my own and stumbled upon a couple of informative articles from them. This led me to browse through their website for more. And I have been coming back ever since.

These are some of the reasons I have been a loyal user:

It’s a great resource. has EVERYTHING you need. From workout programs to supplements, apparel, articles on anything nutrition or workouts and an impressive community you can join for support!

Always has up to date content.

The content they put up is well researched and current so it is guaranteed you shall find relevant and useful information and tips to guide you through your journey.

Only the best get to work on their team.

You will notice that the athletes who work or have programs on are elite athletes who have been in the game for a while, honed their craft, made some pretty impressive moves and made their trade their own.

They just know their shit pretty well and are always looking to learn more.

Their programs are expansive.

Whatever your fitness goal or level is, they got you. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced, they have programs to help you lose fat, build muscle, shred and even increase performance. It includes programs for varied periods of time, from 3 weeks to 16 weeks and home or gym workouts. They probably have the right one specially made for you!

And most importantly…….

Its always been there for me!

It is super difficult sifting through all the fitness information online to get what is trustworthy and most importantly, what gives me the desired results. The programs that I have followed (or at least tried to) have given me good results. Knowing that I have a reliable resource gives me relief. I always get what I need from them and I love them for that.

The all-access app is a product by that allows you to access all programs under one roof. Most of the plans come with a nutrition guide and a tracking platform for your reps and sets.

The app is not free, however. They offer one-week free trial after which you pay $8.99 a month which is KSH 900. I was using their programs before they started billing, so I was already hooked when they did. I do however think it is well worth it and a perfect alternative for people who would want well-tailored programs and or can’t afford personal trainers.

Stay tuned for my next video/post where I will show you how the all-access app looks like and take you through the program I am currently on. Do you have any question you’d like addressed?

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