Benefits of weight lifting

My weight lifting Story

I started lifting in the beginning of 2017. Before then it had never really crossed my mind that weight lifting could be an option because it all seemed like a man’s playing field. I was then such a cardio bunny because I didn’t know better. So, I struggled through it and kept on quitting because I hated it! I loathed running, had really bad coordination skills so I didn’t enjoy aerobics and got bored quite fast by the routines.

I had been reading articles on weightlifting on and because I had gotten to trust them, I gave it a shot. Since I didn’t know where to start, I asked a gym attendant is a personal trainer, Mark, to help me out. He taught me exercises and proper form for about 2 months and by then I had learnt quite a bit and became significantly stronger. It quickly got addictive and I felt like I found what I loved doing. However, I hadn’t developed enough discipline to be consistent so it was an on and off routine.

I am now consistent and have cumulatively lifted for about 6 months now. I am therefore relatively new but I have experienced incredible changes.


6 Reasons why more women should consider weight lifting.

  1. Its more effective at fat loss

Weight lifting has been shown to continue burning calories hours after the workout is completed unlike cardio in which only burns calories within the active period. The increased muscle as a result of muscle accelerates fat burning.


  1. Increased mobility

I could barely reach a 100 angle while doing a squat when I started. My muscles were weak and my joints very inflexible. Now I can safely do an 80 kg deep squat. This is because my muscles and joints have become more efficient through the resistance training.


  1. The curves

This, hands down, is the best reward you can give to yourself. It shall be an amazing discovery when you see how beautifully your body can transform and you shall really appreciate those curves. It makes all the groaning worth it.


  1. Improves Confidence and strength

When I squat 80 kg this week, next week I push myself to 85 kg and consequently add 5 kg. I love that I can feel and see myself getting stronger. When you set goals in the gym and crush them, you know you can crush anything!


  1. Stronger Mentally

Building muscles requires a certain kind of focus, discipline and consistency. You have to be all in despite whatever else is happening. It is a conditioning of the mind and muscle and causes ripple effects to every other thing that require focus. You shall be winning!


  1. Boost your balance and coordination

Your muscles become stronger and more efficient so balance naturally improves.