Hi! My name is Brenda, a fitness enthusiast based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Ever since I was young, I have always been sporty and loved the outdoors. I am the kind of girl who would always sneak out to go play, climb trees and at some point I convinced myself I could fly! Well, my broken ankle taught me otherwise. As I grew older, I joined the badminton team then lawn tennis in campus. My eating habits weren’t great so it wasn’t too long till I got overweight and couldn’t keep up with my sporty lifestyle. So I decided to change it up! It has been a long journey with so much trial and error but I believe I finally got my footing.

Fit is bomb shall discuss fitness, healthy eating, and self-care in general. I believe the 3 elements are essential to building the best version of you. I started this blog because I would love to help you find your fit and show you that fitness can be fun, fulfilling and enlightening. Fit, IS BOMB!

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